Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stuff About Me

I have a degree from a film school in Florida. (I know.)

My friends from school are mostly in Hollywood.

One of them is working for the producer of a dance show on MTV. An expert on Pasolini, he's picking up dry-cleaning for a guy who works for a famous singer's boytoy. He lives near the LaBrea tarpits and says I can stay with him and his roommate when I come out.

For now, I'm staying in my mom's house and making these documentaries about people in my home town. I'm saving some dough from a job at a music store. The owner probably doesn't want me using his name on the blog. So let's just day, it's short for Donald.

I'm using a Canon T2i now, but I started with my schools camera, which has better audio, so I may go back to it. If my friend who runs the equipment room will let me. Even though the image from the T2i is better. I'm editing on my macbook pro, which is starting to crap out.

The people I'm interviewing have agreed to talk about themselves. I've always felt that real people's stories could be more interesting than the other stuff that you see in most movies. I hope you agree.